Backend Developer

As Backend Developer, you will use all your knowledge and experience in software engineering to help us scale up our technology, integrate exciting new technologies such as hardware sensors and ultimately help buildings become smarter, more hospitable and more efficient.

Lone Rooftop provides Facility Managers and Real Estate managers with the tools needed to fight waste. Every day many workspaces in offices remain empty while at the same time employees are complaining that they can’t find a place to work or meet. Scheduling departments of large universities have troubles finding rooms for classes, while at the same time lecture halls are empty because of no-shows. Lone Rooftop uses the existing wifi infrastructure in buildings to generate insights on how buildings are being used, thereby allowing efficiency improvements. More predictable and efficient use of buildings means less waste of resources and energy, and ultimately fewer office buildings being built.

When we founded Lone Rooftop in 2014 it was the perfect combination of an idealistic goal to improve the future, and a business opportunity. We got our first paying customers after only 3 months, and by now run our technology in 25 large office and educational buildings, in The Netherlands and the U.K., and rapidly expanding. Our technology has already resulted in some plans for new buildings being postponed, and further integrations with climate and energy systems mean that the remaining buildings will become greener.

The Lone Rooftop offices are in a startup community in Amsterdam. In our office we do take employee wellness and environmental responsibility very seriously (especially in those cases that the two go hand in hand). Daily healthy lunches with hot soup are provided, weekly demos are combined with craft beers, and cycling to the office is rewarded. Our team has steadily grown, doubling about every 18 months, and we expect this to continue for the time being.

We’re looking for an ambitious all-round developer that wants to help us make buildings intelligent (or, at the very least, make them seem intelligent). We develop both an API that exposes this intelligence, and the frontend apps that interact with it. Our customers are big banks, universities, and government. We hope to make a difference in this world, by increasing efficiency, both of energy (switch off heating and cooling systems if rooms are empty; 50% of a building’s energy is used for heating / cooling), and, more importantly, in space. More efficient building use means fewer buildings are needed, more space for green and for living.

Lone Rooftop currently has an international team of 15 people, from sales to back-end developers, data science and front-end developers to implementation and customer success people, in an office in one of the startup spaces in Amsterdam. We promote sustainability throughout the office, ranging from rewarding our employees to cycle to work, being conscious in the stuff we use in the office, and making sure our employees have enough chance to relax and unwind (as well as work in a very stimulating environment).

We currently have multiple paying customers, ranging from universities to banks, from some of the largest (high-tech) industrial companies in the Netherlands and the U.K. There is a steady cash-flow and our investors are only upset by the fact that they cannot invest more at the moment!

In the coming months we will work on extending our system, and integrating it with others, such as energy systems and rostering systems (through our partners), calendar systems, sensors, etc. We’re doing things that nobody did before, need to build tools that didn’t exist before, and find solutions to problems others didn’t even consider yet.

The backend team is small but extremely talented. The backend is set up in a very scalable way and large efforts are taken to ensure that technical debt is kept to a minimum. It is an environment where excellence rules, however where at the same time there is room to experiment with the latest technologies (and implement them if they seem worthwhile). As a result we run on Python 3.6 with asyncio async/await, running in docker containers on AWS ECS, using technologies like CodeBuild and AWS Batch, within days of them being launched.

On this position you’ll be working side-by-side with the CTO, someone with 15+ years of experience as a Senior Developer (at the largest website of The Netherlands);

Absolute requirements: Fluent in English, based in, or willing to relocate to Amsterdam. Please indicate in first contact if you will need EU visa support; we are able to give EU visa support to exceptional candidates (and their families). Every application process will start with a small programming exercise, that will give us an idea of your level.