Frontend Developer

Lone Rooftop is creating a next-gen platform that is radically changing the fields of facility and corporate real-estate management. To expand our product team, we are looking for an experienced frontend developer.

Our challenge for you

We are looking for someone who has 3+ years of experience as a front-end developer and has a great understanding of modern web technologies and tools. We’re creating single-page applications using React, Redux, Webpack and other modern frontend tools. Our team is small so we don’t have time for hand-holding, but you’ll be working amongst the best in our industry – among them software engineers, data scientists and UX designers. Besides that, we’re looking for someone who is interested in the following challenges:

  • collaborating with our team of UX and data scientist to bring advanced data visualisations to life
  • working on web applications that are meant to run 24/7 using real-time data in a wide variety of devices
  • extending our advanced building intelligence dashboard with interesting metrics, charts and widget
  • working on our mobile application and extending it with app-specific platforms such as React Native
  • creating advanced 2D and 3D visualisations with technologies such as SVG, canvas and WebGL
  • ensuring code quality without sacrificing performance or speed of development

Who you are

We’re looking for someone to make a dent and is not afraid of a challenge. Smart, hard working and adventurous spirits please apply! We’re a young company so you’ll still be able to make a big impact. Candidates should at least be able to provide the following:

  • a Master’s degree in Computer Science or something equivalent
  • at least 3 years of demonstrable experience of frontend engineering, working in a product-oriented environment will allow you to make a flying start
  • experience in Agile development, multi-disciplinary teams, fast-paced environment
  • we’re a React shop, so show us your relevant React and/or React Native projects
  • we also like to use the full spectrum of currently available web technology, e.g. WebGL, SVG, canvas, etc
  • a big part of the job is creating data visualisations, so any experience with D3.js or related technologies is a plus
  • this is a multi-faceted and very demanding job that requires a wide range of skills, most importantly the capacity to quickly learn new things

What we offer

At Lone Rooftop, it is our mission to make large buildings more hospitable, efficient and sustainable. 

To realise this goal, we have created a cloud-based platform to collect real-time occupancy data with Wifi signals and sensor data. Our (mostly Fortune-2000) customers use a diverse range of advanced web applications, such as a mobile app to easily find available workspaces, a “google analytics for buildings” dashboard, and advanced tools that allow our users to manage all aspects of their Intelligent Building.
  • a great team with some of the smartest people in the industry, with people from Google, Nielsen, Hyves, Yandex, etc.
  • the chance to be part of an innovative and fast-growing scale up where you’ll be able to shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars
  • market-conform salary, plenty of  holiday days and flexible arrangements, great hardware, etc.
  • free beers, free lunches, free snacks… take a look at B. Amsterdam for our amazing office and its perks
Do you have what it takes to help us realise our vision of making buildings more sustainable? Are you prepared to blow us away with your technical prowess? Then don’t hesitate and apply now, we’d love to meet you!