HPE Aruba and Lone Rooftop – How To Optimize Building Usage With Automated Occupancy Analytics

HPE Aruba and Lone Rooftop have joined forces in a successful partnership some time ago. The partnership further underlines and strengthens the ever-growing number of successful deployments of Lone Rooftop’s real-time space utilization platform, including rolling out at HPE Aruba’s head office in Santa Clara, California. Lone Rooftop has forged several strategic technology partnerships over recent years, making its platform compatible to serve the vast majority of the enterprise market. In line with its mission to become the leading global space utilization platform, it came naturally to partner up with HPE Aruba, as a global leading wireless network provider. To experience the unique value proposition and key use cases, a live demonstration of the technology can also be seen at the HPE Aruba headquarters, who offer exciting tech tours for Business and IT leaders of global enterprises. Recently, we’ve updated our solution brief with HPE Aruba, which is why we would like to share more details about our collaboration in this post.

ALE and BID – The technologies you need to scale across your portfolio

The Analytics and Location Engine (ALE) works with Aruba WLANs to collect presence data about WiFi-enabled mobile devices. WiFi is one of the primary input data sources of our 24/7 space utilization platform PIE (Position Intelligence Engine), where our algorithms translate the raw data into accurate occupancy data, whilst protecting personal privacy. The platform continuously calculates how many people are in the building, and where and when they’re present. PIE is fully agnostic and uses data from existing infrastructures that are already present in the building, such as the WiFi network and/or sensors. This makes it the most scalable solution for measuring space utilization in large offices and across real estate portfolios, allowing Facility and Corporate Real Estate Managers to start working with data without having to invest in any additional hardware.

Automate processes – and optimize space utilization

Lone Rooftop is an ArubaEdge certified technology partner that leverages ALE data to automate data collection processes and provide actionable insights. Our Position Intelligence Engine (PIE) is a cloud-based technology platform that uses ALE to automate occupancy data collection traditionally undertaken manually by staff members equipped with clipboards and spreadsheets.

Understanding the utilization, frequency, recency, and other parameters impacting how space is used can better inform space optimization, workplace strategy, and spending decisions. Oversubscribed spaces can be identified and expanded, while underutilized floors or even entire buildings can be decommissioned or subleased.

Unique value propositions

Combining an Aruba mobility network with Lone Rooftop space analytics delivers unique value propositions:

  1. Space analytics can be easily retrofit to existing Aruba deployments;
  2. Implementation does not require occupancy, footfall, or video sensors, and adds/moves/changes to the building layout are easily accommodated without rewiring; and
  3. Anonymized data overcome the privacy and union labor restrictions of video-based analytics.

Interested to learn how we could help you optimize your building usage with automated occupancy analytics?