Building Intelligence Dashboard

Optimising a building starts with understanding how a building is being used. The Building Intelligence Dashboard visualises all relevant data on the usage of your building. Quickly identify how zones are being used and where the occupancy inefficiency resides. Determine utilisation trends and patterns and compare these with other types of integrated data. This app allows Facility and Real Estate Managers to make data-driven decisions to lower costs and optimise the working environment and workforce experience.



Building Analytics

The reports functionality provide immediate insights into large amounts of data over longer periods of time. Discover trends and detect exceptions in the blink of an eye. Filter on a day, week or month level for specific details on the utilisation of the entire building or all the way down to a specific room or zone. Compare the occupancy with opening hours, the capacity or a combination of both. With these building analytics, you can have the right data at your fingertips to start optimising those inefficient square meters or prove that more capacity is required based on accurate data instead of gut feeling.



Heatmaps instantly show you where large concentrations of people are at a certain moment in time or during a specific period of time. The Building Intelligence Dashboard visualises the data that from PIE in several ways, among which in heatmaps on the floor plans. Use the ‘play’ button and see exactly how the concentration of people moved throughout the building during the day. By using the Occupancy Forecast fucntionailty, you can instantly compare the current occupancy with the expected occupancy. The expected trend line is calculated based on historical data.


Zone & Summary Metrics

The zone metrics are projected on the floor plans and show the amount of people counted in each zone. Additionally, you can also choose to visualise the utilisation rate for a selected time slot, in which the amount of counted people are measured against the capacity of the zones. The floor plans functionality always shows has a summary on the right of the floor plan, providing the most important occupancy metrics summarised for that day. The summary always represents the data for the selected time so that can easily be compared with the data shown on the actual floor plan.


Zone Utilisation

Determine inefficiency and hidden vacancy insight your building with a single push of a button. Sort on lowest utilisation and instantly detect which rooms and zones are structurally underutilised in the selected period such a day, week or month. Sort on highest utilisation and see which zones are performing or even been overutilised during the selected period. The Zone Utilisation tool provides a Real Estate Manager with the right data to start optimising square meters and increase occupancy.

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Make your building intelligent with these apps

PIE is a platform, which makes it easy to develop apps on top of PIE. The data and intelligence inside PIE can simply be approached through the API. Some of these apps are being developed by Lone Rooftop, such as the Building Intelligence Dashboard and Wally, but Lone Rooftop also partners with carefully selected app developers that develop apps on top of PIE. This ensures that PIE can be leveraged throughout the organisation and you can benefit from an ever-growing numbers of apps.

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