Through multiple partnerships within the Facility Services domain, we are launching the SmartCleaning App. Amongst many other clever features, this app will automatically prioritise cleaning tasks based on the actual utilisation of space.

Lone Rooftop is working together with the leading companies in the Facility Services domain making to make Smart Cleaning a reality, which means that going forward, the cleaning process will be based on the actual usage of rooms and zones in the building.



Smart Cleaning

Through a direct API connection between the data of PIE and the applications of our facility partners, cleaning tasks can automatically be created and prioritised by the cleaning team lead or even directly within the mobile application that the cleaning team on the ground is using. Some examples of these cleaning tasks are: starting the cleaning process in the morning at those floors that have actually been used in the prior evening after the last cleaning activities, or allocating more cleaning time and attention to the floors that are heavily occupied whilst decreasing the time spent on those floors that experience a low utilisation. The result is that cleaning teams will be managed and operated in smarter ways as they always know how many people were where and when inside the building.

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PIE is a platform, which makes it easy to develop apps on top of PIE. The data and intelligence inside PIE can simply be approached through the API. Some of these apps are being developed by Lone Rooftop, such as the Building Intelligence Dashboard and Wally, but Lone Rooftop also partners with carefully selected app developers that develop apps on top of PIE. This ensures that PIE can be leveraged throughout the organisation and you can benefit from an ever-growing numbers of apps.

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