Realtime space occupancy information on the wall

Flex working is a workspace concept that can bring many advantages to the organisation. The disadvantages, however, are when employees spend a lot of time trying to find an available workspace, when project teams cannot find an available area to work, or when the workspace turns out to be so busy that you can’t stay concentrated and do your job. This is happening every single day within many large organisations, leading to employee exasperation. Research even shows that 70% of employees are regularly wasting time in the search for an available workspace or meeting room, not only causing frustration but also a drop in productivity. With the introduction of Wally, these problems are now gone!



Wally: Realtime info on your wall

Wally is a narrowcasting/TV app that shows you in real-time where you can find an available workspace in the building or on your floor. The moment you walk into the entrance of the building, you will immediately see how busy it is on each floor and on which floor you’ll be able to quickly find a free workspace. Whilst arriving on that floor, you will instantly be able to see where the available workspaces are located and which zone is best suited for your workday. By deploying Wally on existing TV screens, or by placing screens at relevant locations such as the elevator lobby or staircase exit, organisations improve employee satisfaction and productivity. Additionally, as a Facility Manager, you are also optimising the occupancy rate of the specific zones.



Wally translates the occupancy rate into tags that are easy to interpret. Instead of showing the rates, Wally uses actual words to show where employees can find a workspace that meets their needs for that moment. This allows you to work concentrated in zones that are tagged as ‘Quiet’, or head to an ‘Empty’ area to work on that project with your team. Are you the type of person that likes working in lively environment surrounded by colleagues? Then make your way to a ‘Busy’ zone and find one of the few empty workspaces left. When Wally says a zone is ‘Full’, you can save yourself the trip as you certainly won’t find a seat there.


Colour codes and occupancy metrics

By using colour codes, Wally makes it even easier to interpret the occupancy. This means that the colour intensity visualises how busy it actually is in each zone. Wally will instantly tell you what are the busiest and most quiet areas on each floor by sorting them on occupancy rates.

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PIE is a platform, which makes it easy to develop apps on top of PIE. The data and intelligence inside PIE can simply be approached through the API. Some of these apps are being developed by Lone Rooftop, such as the Building Intelligence Dashboard and Wally, but Lone Rooftop also partners with carefully selected app developers that develop apps on top of PIE. This ensures that PIE can be leveraged throughout the organisation and you can benefit from an ever-growing numbers of apps.

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