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Wageningen University & Research has been using PIE since 2015 to improve the efficiency of timetabling. By integrating the timetabling software into PIE, no-shows and inefficient use of classrooms are instantly visible.

Connecting timetabling software

To benefit from this PIE integration and the new type of information it generates, Lone Rooftop developed a new application named Clocks - Classroom Occupancy System. This app ensures that the timetabling team always has up to date occupancy data of lecture halls and classrooms at their disposal.

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Partnership with Cisco

The technology of PIE is actively supported by Cisco, which resulted in a flying start of the project and a smooth implementation. Since the technology only uses the ‘listening mode’ on WiFi Access Points and does not transmit anything, there will be no additional impact on bandwidth.

“We are aware that we will soon hit the limits of our education capacity if we do not find smarter ways to manage our rooms and schedules”
Fred Jonker, Beleidsmedewerker Informatievoorziening, Wageningen UR

Optimised timetables

Using the real-time occupancy data, the timetabling team is able to work much more effectively. Classes with a low occupancy rate or many no-shows can be moved to a smaller classroom. Where they previously often reached the maximum capacity of a building, the available space is not used optimally and the available capacity improved drastically.

Impact on teachers

This new way of working had a positive effect on teachers as well, who became more aware and conscious of the effects of no-shows and underutilisation. They were briefed up front around the implementation of PIE and by now this even has a preventive effect on the timetabling process. This means that teachers indicate themselves that they will manage their lecture in a smaller classroom going forward and they are proactively returning rooms that they won’t need.

“With the single push of a button, my team gains insight into lectures that are consistently underutilised and how many ‘no-shows’ have taken place in a period or for specific lectures.”

Fred Jonker, Beleidsmedewerker Informatievoorziening, Wageningen UR

Future platform expansion

Wageningen UR is very actively testing and rolling out new applications and solutions that can be realised on top of the platform PIE. Amongst others, this means that PIE will play an important role in building management, making restaurant queues visible, helping students find an available study place, and improve the cleaning process based on real-time space utilisation. With this approach, Wageningen University is developing a smart, innovative, and sustainable campus.

Find out more about Clocks

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