Lone Rooftop guest blog (2/2) for Cisco ‘Your campus can be intelligent today, why wait?!’

In his second guest blog, Youri Wildeman of Lone Rooftop explains how higher education providers can create more intelligent campuses and make the most of their existing space.

In my previous blog, I talked about how many universities have more space and other resources available to them than they think, and how improving and monitoring the real-time utilisation of space can improve experiences for staff and students.

I also mentioned how I covered these issues at two recent events in London and Manchester. Talking to staff with job roles as diverse as Estates Director, Head of Space Strategy and Timetabling Manager, we found that they all had a desire to make better use of both their space and all their existing resources, from lecture rooms to IT resources to estates to timetabling.

They also realised that managing their existing space more effectively leads to other benefits, from providing better student experiences to optimising facility services as well as reducing their carbon footprint and saving money by eliminating unnecessary heating and lighting costs.

Read the full blog post here: https://gblogs.cisco.com