Our Team Is Growing Rapidly!

The start of 2019 has been remarkable for Lone Rooftop, with several new additions to the team. Our top priority is to make Corporate Real Estate Portfolios more efficient. As a result of the fact that Real Estate portfolio’s are utilized more efficiently with our technology, our team is also growing rapidly. We have onboarded 5 new hires in January, and with Marieke Bruggeman joining us this week the 2019 total is now at six! We thought it’s about time to introduce all our new team members, and explain what roles they play in realising our strategic goals. 

Marieke Bruggemann is the newest addition to our team. She has strengthened the Customer Success team as an Implementation Consultant. With an academic background in biomedical science, she brings critical skills and a fresh perspective to the team.

Daniel Rigberg sparks us all up with his enthusiasm, and passion for his job. As a backend developer, he will help us tremendously, as he is quickly able to grasp programming challenges on all scales.

Caspar Perik and Bart Boers have both joined Lone Rooftop as Sales Executive, operating internationally. Both of them have a strong background in building lasting relationships in the B2B cloud technology landscape.

Daan Wonnink is our new Marketing Manager. With his experience in B2B Marketing in Fintech, he is now up for the challenge to help build the Lone Rooftop brand and online presence.

Lastly, Sanne Dijkstra has joined us with a key specific focus. She will strive to help end-users find their way more easily with SPOT, our app that helps you find a workspace wherever and whenever needed.

Interested in joining us too? Check our vacancies at www.lonerooftop.com/jobs

Team photo 2019