The 3 key takeaways of Future Offices NYC

Over a packed three days, we enjoyed exchanging thoughts with Real Estate Leaders, at Future Offices in New York City. The focus of the Winter edition of IQPC’s leading event is on the broader office, bringing together thought leaders and experts in interior design, office development, coworking, workplace technology, and of course health and wellness.

The Focus of the event is on the office in a broader sense of the word, thinking about the entire employee journey and how the workspace must evolve to match their current and future needs. Most importantly, there was a lot of focus on how technology enables employers to shape the Future Office.

Workplaces on top of agendas

The world’s largest companies have the workplace on top of their agendas for 2019. They’re searching for ways to optimize their existing real estate portfolio, while reaching sustainability goals and improving the employee experience.

Diverse backgrounds

The demographic of people working on the Future of Offices is really diverse. People and companies with loads of experience, and relatively young people and companies, all working together to try and change the world for the better by making space utilization more efficient.

Data & IoT have huge impact

Data and the internet of things have a huge impact on decisions Corporate Real Estate & Facilities are making. Technology enables data-driven strategies. This data is only as good as it’s sourced, interpreted and technology can be a great maze to navigate through, as it’s the key enabler on the road to broader business success.

The overall conclusion we made at the event is that corporate Real Estate will change, and the change will most probably be lead by a lot of people that were in NYC last week.