Webinar: Increase office occupancy by 10-20%

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Increase office occupancy rates

45 minutes

Research shows that even at peak hours, occupancy rates on average do not exceed 70%. It furthermore shows that 40% of employees indicate that they spend too much time finding an available workspace or meeting room.

Most large organizations face serious challenges gaining insights in how the square footage across their real estate portfolio is being utilised. New workspace concepts are introduced in order to reduce costs and improve employee productivity, but the actual implementation and realization of these concepts often turn out problematic. How come? The data required to gain the right insights is simply not available. How can you initiate new concepts when you don’t know what is going on in the first place?

Topics that we discuss

In this 45 minutes long webinar we will show you:

  • How to transform your office into an Intelligent Building in a matter of weeks, without any investments in additional hardware/sensors
  • How to increase occupancy rates by visualizing vacant space across your real estate portfolio at the touch of a button
  • Which mobile app allows employees to always find an available workspace
  • Proven best practices and business cases we solve with our customers, which include multiple Fortune 500s
  • How to ensure you choose a technology that is GDPR Ready
  • The latest Lone Rooftop apps and features in a live demo

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“40% of available office space goes unused every day”

— CBRE Workplace Strategy Survey