Wally XL – Realtime building occupancy

Most large organisations these days offer employees the possibility to find their own workspace across the office building rather than assigning fixed desks, which offers great advantages for both employer as employee. The benefits for the employer are very significant cost savings on their real estate portfolio as up to 40% less space is required, whilst employees can find an available workspace that suits the work day ahead of them. When done right, this can spark interactions and productivity on the work floor. In practise though, many occupants have the feeling the building is extremely full and they are commuting between multiple floors to check if there are still available workspaces left for them or their project team. This starts at the moment people enter the building, when it’s vital that the distribution of occupants across the building is done properly and employees immediately know on which floor they can find an available workspace that meets their tasks ahead. With Wally XL, we offer you the right realtime insights at he moment you walk into the office!

Wally XL: Realtime occupancy data on building and floor level

Wally XL is a narrowcasting/TV app that shows you in real-time on which floor you can find an available workspace in the building. The moment you walk into the entrance of the building, you will immediately see how busy it is on each floor and on which floor you’ll be able to quickly find a free workspace. By deploying Wally on existing TV screens or narrowcasting systems at the reception area in the building, organisations ensure there is an efficient distribution of employees across the building which improves employee satisfaction and productivity. Additionally, as a Real Estate or Facility Manager, you are also optimising the occupancy rate of your building across all floors.

Wally XL translates the occupancy rate into tags that are easy to interpret. In addition to showing the percentage of free workspaces, Wally XL uses actual words to show where employees can find a workspace that meets their needs for that moment. This allows you to work concentrated on floors that are tagged as ‘Quiet, or head to a ‘Cozy’ floor to work on that complex project with your team. Are you the type of person that thrives in working in buzzing environment surrounded by colleagues? Then make your way to a ‘Busy’ floor and find one of the few empty workspaces left. When Wally says a floor is ‘Full’, you can save yourself the trip as you certainly won’t find a seat there.

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